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In the early 1990s, a graduate student that was working on online identification (deanonymizing algorithms) had strong suspicions that someday domestic, corporate-sponsored terrorism would occur against a genius-level researcher who was about to cure cancer. Drug companies knew that people dying was a part of their business, so terminating someone who would compromise their sales, although unethical, was delusionally accepted.


In an effort to dissuade the corporation from terrorising the young medical researcher, the graduate student writing the algorithm, who became known as Angel, began collecting compromising data (he would never use the word blackmail) that would be used against the corporation if they were successful in their murdering of this woman.

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Angel programmed a short piece of software that virally infected what would become The Cloud.*1 This piece of software's sole purpose was to determine if Angel died suspiciously. Angel was willing to give his life to protect "the girl." If the software were to realize Angel's death, it would initiate "The Trace," which could cause hundreds of billions of dollars of damage to unethical corporations, wiping out stock value and destroying ordinary persons' retirements.

Steven Stellethee, who once mentored Angel, was unwilling to compromise Angel's mission. His obituary scanning code was just theory. It would only become illegal once it hacked the corporate databases. Steven was, however, completely intent on Preventing "The Trace" by ensuring Angel would not perish prematurely.


1There was no code created in reality. This is a story line for an alternate reality game.

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